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Guest Co-Hosting the Blendover Podcast


February 25, 2014 by Ryan Miller

I am now in the rotation as a guest co-host for the podcast, Blendover. This is a great podcast that airs live (and is available for later playback) twice a week, normally on Mondays and Fridays. The Blendover discusses recent news and entertainment that might not quite be getting the full attention it deserves.

February 24th marked my debut as co-host for the program, where I discussed with permanent co-host Greg Davies several topics including the recent Comcast-Netflix deal, an update on the Miranda Barbour murder case, KISS versus the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the American remake of The Raid: Redemption and of course the passing of Harold Ramis.

Check out the episode I co-hosted here and give the back catalog of episodes a listen too.

I’ll be back in the co-hosting chair March 10th, 2014. The episode will air live at 9:30pm EST.


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