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You Found Me. I Don’t Know How But You Found Me.


June 28, 2012 by Ryan Miller

Welcome to the launch of Ryan Miller Online.  Here you’ll find my thoughts, reactions, opinions and expert advice on navigating search engine optimization, social media, mobile devices, and media as a whole from including movies, music, video games and whatever else might strike my fancy.

So who am I?  You’ll find my entire biography written shortly, but in short I am currently the SEO Manager for Advance Digital and provide best practices and recommendations for real time news optimization for our regional news websites. Additionally, we provide SEO services for small to medium sized business, which I am also involved in.

Beyond my unhealthy devotion to the digital world, I have a nigh obsession with things that go bump in the night, an affinity for Hawaiian shirts, and enjoy a finely crafted beer. One thing I am not is a hockey player.

Stick around!  I’ll be shouting from the soapbox shortly.


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