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Rel=Author for WordPress Setup in Less Than a Minute


June 29, 2012 by Ryan Miller

Part of the fun I’m quickly finding for this blog is getting to start from scratch with a bevy of plugins, tricks and widgets for WordPress. Among them is getting my rel=author tag setup so that that my posts on this blog will be associated with my Google+ profile account.

One plugin specifically that should be the first thing any WordPress admin installs is Yoast’s WordPress SEO and it is this plugin and it is through this plugin that you’ll be able to add rel=author to any WordPress website with ease. Best of all it will work whether the website is single author or multi-author.

I’m going to assume you already have the WordPress SEO installed…

First in WordPress, edit the user account you are preparing to sync up to a Google+ account.  Add the Google+ profile link into the designated spot, and I recommend also having the publicly displayed nickname match up with the name as it is written on the Google+ profile.

Next, add a link to the root domain URL of the WordPress site you syncing up to the Google+ profile under either the “Other Profiles” or “Contributor to” section.

Then, check to make sure the syncing worked via the Rich Snippets Testing Tool on Google Webmaster tools.

If you are a single author WP site, you should be able to test the homepage or any post or page you are the author on.  If you are testing on a multi-author WP site be sure to check a page or post specifically authored for user you just synced up.

That’s all there is to it!


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