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Using the Contextual Targeting Tool for Content Ideas


July 2, 2012 by Ryan Miller

In my latest blog post for Advance Digital I walk through the new Contextual Targeting Tool from Google, which uses the old Google Wonder Wheel engine, to find content and keyword ideas for your website.

Many marketers used to leverage the visually appealing Wonder Wheel for new content ideas as well as a tool for keyword research, which gave contextually similar keywords recommendations against a core term that was entered. This allowed writers to build up a large source of thematically similar content for sections of their site. Google pulled the tool over a year ago, much to the chagrin of its users, but now the Wonder Wheel, or at least the engine that powered it, is back!

The engine, redubbed the Contextual Targeting Tool, is now available via Google Adwords though you do have to be logged into Adwords to access it.  Don’t worry, if you have a Google account you can setup an Adwords account very easily and without needing to add in any credit card information.  Once you have you account, the Contextual Targeting Tool can be accessed via…

Check out my full article on Advance Search & Social.


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